Bushfire and other adventures

It was THE event on the Swazi calendar; something the rest of th world is prepard to come here to see (imagine) – the Bushfire festival. For days people reflect on the weather and whether itùll rain on Bushfire. The weather certainly turned nasty just before but we had no actual rain while we were there. Bushfire basically seems to have been born out of an “if we build it they will come” idea. A local family decided instead of farming that they’d create a music venue come restuarant called “House on Fire”; Once a year it transforms into a festival venue. It is a stunning place down in the valley overlooked by blue mountains. There are the usual hippies and kids dashing around with neon blinking horns on their heads (including my own) but there were tons of locals. Surprising since I’d heard South Africans dominated previous years. Super friendly atmosphere. One of my new found friends told me to beware of being mugged – ‘you are white you need to mingle’ he told me. That’ll teach me to be unsociable and white. Musically the part I saw was OK, nothing mind blowing. I loved the a capella group of Swazi women and the last act of the evening, Blk Jks – edgy stuff. However Freshly Ground with their doo dooo bee doo left me as ever, cold. The crowd lapped it up though.

We managed to get home in one piece which had been a major concern given the number of potential drunk drivers on the road. So that was Bushfire – now what I wonder? Perhaps I have post Bushfire depression (PBD) or perhaps the cold is getting to me. This is, after all, my second winter in a row.

To bring you up to date with our news domestique et autre:

We have finally found a house. It is in Beverley Hills I kid you not. Beverley Hills Mbabane.

It is a huge relief having a home after living out of our suitcases for so long. We fell co,pletely in love with it and moved in virtually straight away despite the god awful furniture it came with. I need to post a picture of our rippled blue couch. Gorgeous! On the upside it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an office. Best of all it has this amazing garden overlooking the town so at night you see the lights. By day yit looks almost as if you are up in the mountains as it is framed by huge granite boulders. We have beautiful nectar birds, mongeeseand of course, plenty of lizards. The kids are in their element.

I love the house and I love Mbabane so far. I am doing yoga once a week and searching for a slightly more physically taxing activity as well. People round here mountain bike a lot but its somehoz not ,e. I am spending most of my time dealing with the many irritating little details that go into installing oneself in a new place. Internet could take a while as it doesn’t go to our area yet. Also on ,y plate: getting the car in our names (this takes at least a day of queing in another city); I regret my bellyaching about french bureacracy noz that I have the Swazis to deal with.

Léo and Emil are now at the local creche. It is a Montessori school which means I think that they are meant to learn stuff rather than just run around and get fed. Leo seems to be into counting. There is also a Burundian lady called Diane who comes to teach french singing once a week. I have asked her to come to babysit the kids as well so that they can get to talk more french.  She is there right noz which is why I am able to write this. She and the lovely Xolile who started working for us as cleaner cum child minder 3 days a week. Yes, how quickly one adjusts to this lifestyle. Emil is the mascot of the creche being the littlest one there. He is basically sunny qnd chirpy. He is starting to want to walk. He stands and applauds himself. He is also constantly grubby. Too cute. Leo is drea,y and full of imagination and long conversations. He and Benoit*s bossrs daughter are fast friends (meaning they fight 50 percent of the time and love each other the other 50).

Well that’s all I have time for this time,


2 responses to “Bushfire and other adventures

  1. Ziska Baumgarten

    I loved reading this! I can’t believe you’re in Africa and I didn’t know. We’re going to Ngwenya Lodge at the end of July – maybe we can do a little detour to Mbabane? Do keep in touch!


    • hi Ziska

      It would be great to see you and we are really nearby yay. Please let me know closer to time – we have loads of space if you want to stay. My number is +268 76901339 xx

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