From Paris to Beverley Hills

June 1st

Emil took his first step this morning. I found him standing, quite determinedly, gathering his strength to him. You could feel something was about to happen. He managed one and a half before subsiding to the floor.

I thought I would start with that as everything else takes second place in comparison. The sun is out again and that changes everything. Mbabane is an uncomfortable sort of place in cold weather. You need a fire going and the wood they sell here by the side of the road burns incredibly fast so one tends to run out before you want to. Actually I made a wrong turning looking for a car insurance company by the Mbabane golf course yesterday and was accosted by a whole gang of men who wanted to sell me wood. I don’t believe I have ever seen such stoned people. This is a good example of how one stumbles across the way things really work here. Clearly the golf course is where you score more than wood. It is a very beautiful golf course just by the way; it almost makes me want to take up golf.

To get to Beverley Hills (where of course, we live), you have to pass said golf course, as well as around 20 different places of worship. The estate agent who showed me the place said the road should be renamed “Church street”. By far the most spectacular church of all is run by a man named, Pastor Justice. It is a massive, tented affair. I must try and get a picture. On Sundays the din of different congregations is quite something.

As I drove up past the golf course this morning I saw that the company that puts in ADSL lines was up to something. There was digging and pointing and general activity going on. Their van said they were in the business of changing lives. I hope that means they are changing ours for the better. There is now what they call a fixed wireless network being put in place but either the devices you plug in are sold out or the network isn’t in place. I wasn’t quite sure. Either way I have to hope that the internet is coming to Beverley Hills sometime soon.

One can wind up feeling pretty isolated from the events of the world. Courtesy of the Swazi Times I am far more up to date on the ins and outs of the inquest into Sipho Jele’s death than what’s going on in Israel for example.You may know Sipho Jele was a political activist people pretty much assume was killed by the police in his cell though they contend he hanged himself.. Courtesy of them too I learnt that Dennis Hopper died (ok it was apparently last week but at least I know) and that Michael Jackson’s son is known as “Blanket”. By far the most frustrating part of living here is having little or no contact with friends and family over email or phone. Suffice to say we really need that life changing ADSL up here in Beverley Hills.

Unfortunately my attempts to upload photos have ended in tears.  I’ll try from facebook so check there if you can


One response to “From Paris to Beverley Hills

  1. I will have to come and try out that golf course someday. Yay for Emil! Hope you get connected soon. I’ll check out your pics in a sec. xxx

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