A bona fide non-idiot (who knew)

Five months after arriving in Swaziland, today I will officially be granted leave to stay. Getting Swazi resident status has not been easy. Not only did I have to prove I am not a criminal, but also that I am not an idiot. Surprisingly, the latter was a lot simpler than the former.

While I was trekking off to South Africa (my nearest big police station is 2 hours away) to apply for “police clearance”, a simple visit to Dr Stephens was enough to procure proof that neither myself, nor my two sons, are mentally defective and or blind, dumb or deaf. Apparently you can be one of the above, but not both at the same time.

So here I am, eagerly waiting for the stamp in my passport that will let me stay on legally without having to traipse across the border every month to get a new stamp. It’s a good thing I will be quasi-Swazi since our honourable Prime Minister recently said that meddling foreigners should be “tortured”. It was apparently an off-hand comment to parliament and nothing to worry about. I’ll have you know that my new home not only has the dubious distinction of having the world’s highest incidence of HIV/AIDS but is also one of the last remaining absolute monarchies.

My idiot certificate


2 responses to “A bona fide non-idiot (who knew)

  1. i lurrve swazi shado!!!

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