A press conference and one crazy Swazi Prince

So this is Prince Sobandla – brother to King Mswati III, ruler of Swaziland.

He is one of those men who get invited to press launches – especially big ones where govt launches big things – like its national male circumcision drive. His contribution definitely made waves. Not because he spoke on the topic – or not that I could tell. The only quote I did manage to take down (because it was in vaguelly comprehensible speech) was when he said, “King Mswati has asked the people to transform this country into first world war status”. I think he meant to leave out “war” but that’s just me. I asked around and apparently, he’s always like that. They let him sing, “happy birthday” at the end. Happy birthday dear male circumcision…..yep, Swaziland can be an entertaining place!!


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