Whatever happened to THAT princess?

LaDube in blue on the left

All right, time for some royal gossip.

Remember THAT princess, Inkhosikati laDube – otherwise known as wife no. 12? She who was surprised in a lover’s tryst with the Minister of Justice last year? Perhaps you saw those unforgettable photos circulating on the net of said minister peering out of the innards of a bed.

Well, after nearly a year in Coventry (sequestered inside one of the many royal palaces), she has been seen out in public again and has even been quoted giving fashion advice in a local paper.

When asked by the Times of Swaziland on Sunday to share her beauty secrets the former Miss Teen says, “Tons of sleep and staying prayed up.” She also advises readers, “it’s all about exercise, keeping healthy and staying positive.” Few clues there as to how she’s been spending those lonely months waiting for the dust to settle.

LaDube was spotted at a fashion show 2 weeks ago and both national papers published the photo of her in a pale blue sari (albeit in a low-key manner without mentioning why her appearance was significant).The state controlled Observer received a sharp rap over the knuckles from the King’s Office for daring to do so none the less. The Swazi media were not supposed to report on the scandal to begin with.

But, no matter, she appears to have managed a seamless coming-out – though we have yet to see her accompany her husband to any state functions.

As for her partner in crime, the erstwhile advisor to the king and top businessman, Ndumiso Mamba, he is still keeping a very, very low profile. He was not sentenced to death or locked away for life as many predicted, but is occasionally spotted at church with his wife.


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